Beginners’ Guide to Wakesurfing: What is Wakesurfing?
Merelda Lee

Merelda Lee

beginners guide to wakesurfing

Wakesurfing is essentially surfing but surfing on an endless wave created by a boat instead of natural ocean waves by the shore. Since Singapore has lost the geographical lottery for quality ocean waves, Wakesurfing presents itself as a good year-long alternative.

A fun, low-impact water sport that is suitable for all ages – you’re not required to have real wake sports experience or the ability to swim like a fish to try Wakesurfing. The activity is usually conducted on calmer waters and you will be provided with a lifejacket. Even if you do fall, the lifejacket keeps you afloat and the falls don’t hurt!

Wakesurfing also doesn’t require the exhausting work of paddling. You’ll start in the water with the board placed flat on the water, heels of your feet on the board and hands holding onto a wakesurf-specific towrope. When you are floating comfortably in position, allow our boat to do the work! Wait for the boat to pick up speed and you can begin wakesurfing once a proper wave forms.

What you’ll need to establish before you begin – Your Stance: Goofy or Regular?
Regular – Left foot forward
Goofy – Right foot forward

As with all other board sports, knowing which is your dominant foot is important. If you’re unsure, our friendly coaches will be happy to provide tips and conduct a “test” to help you find out.

Beginners’ starting position for wakesurfingGoofy (right foot closer to the nose of the board)

How to get up?
Fret not, it’s easy! Remain calm and wait for the boat to inch forward. When you feel tension on the towrope, dig your heels down to flip the board. Simultaneously, bring your upper body forward and get onto the board. You don’t have to worry about the board slipping away as our boards are equipped with traction pads that provide awesome grip.

Quick Tip: You’re not trying to pull yourself up. Rather, you’re staying in a strong, fixed position to allow the boat to pull you up.

Once you’re on the board, remain in a crouched position and remember to keep the weight on your heels. You’ll want to exit the white wash formed by the boat at the start so turn the nose of your board in the direction that you need to go towards (Left for Regular and Right for Goofy).

Staying in a crouched position, carve out to flatter waters

You may begin to stand up once you feel more comfortable and stable. Take your time with this! Release one hand from the rope handle (right hand for Regulars and left hand for Goofys). Whilst holding the handle with one hand, start shifting your weight from your heels to your toes to enter the wave. Experiment with the weight distribution on your front foot and back foot. Observe how you’ll move forwards and backwards by making slight adjustments so you don’t find yourself rushing to and fro!

Am I doing it right?
If you’re staying on the wave with no tension on the rope for an extended duration, congratulations! You’re Wakesurfing! To get rid of the rope, throw it to the other side of the wave or onto the boat – don’t just drop the rope as this is dangerous and could cause you to trip and fall.

Should you find yourself struggling to let go of the rope, our certified coaches offer personalised coaching to surfers of all proficiency levels. We are confident that we can help you improve in no time!

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