HILX Eyewear – Trail Blazer

Kick it into top gear with a pair of shades built to blaze the most daunting terrains. Designed with the avid runner and cyclist in mind, the weatherproof lens coating functioning in unision with an ultra-light, heavy duty TR90 frame, guarantees a formidable piece of eyewear that is suitable for any situation. The up-and-down, side-to side movement of an AKTIV™️ Hinge partnered with customizable NOZEJOB options, solidifies the perfect fit as you continue to push forward in pursuit of glory.

HILX Trail Blazer Wakemusters


Contact us at info@wakemusters.com if you wish to pre-order colour combinations that are unavailable.

All HILX eyewear are entitled to Life Time Warranty. Click here to learn more.



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