HILX Eyewear – Carnage

Sunglasses that float and are up to 7 hours seawater resistant? Meet The Carnage™

Armed with HILX’s newest Rubber Duky feature, the Carnage™ possesses the unique ability to float thanks to a modified low density polyamide compound that keeps the glasses buoyant when suspended in water. The Carnage™ has triumphed over a bevy of rigorous trials and testing, challenging its high impact durability and resistance.

– Polarised Lenses
– Triple scratch, H2OFF, anti-glare coating
– 100% UV protection, keeping your eyes shielded from harmful UV rays on the sunniest of days
– Ripple Tips ensure that your shades stay snug and secure while you set personal bests.

Hilx Eyewear Carnage Wakemusters

Contact us at info@wakemusters.com if you wish to pre-order colour combinations that are unavailable.

All HILX eyewear are entitled to Life Time Warranty. Click here to learn more.



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