VERB Custom-Made Wakesurf Boards

Custom handmade boards by VERB

4 models available for your selection:
Skim Style –
1. Origin: This board is thin and light, helping you achieve a variety of tricks. It can be enjoyed by all levels, from beginner to advanced surfers.

Surf Style –
1. Game Fowl: Deep concave, full edge. A board that focuses on speed and spin tricks. Great for beginner to intermediate surfers.
2. Great White Shark: Low single concave, soft and hard rail. This board features stable speed and is easy to control. Great for beginner to intermediate surfers.
3. Black Bat: Deep single to double concave, full edge. A stable board that allows fast speed, great for air tricks. Ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Fin Box:
Skim Style – None or Single
Surf Style – Twin or Quad


Prices reflected are for standard customisations only.

For further customisations, additional costs will apply.
Upon submission of your order, we’ll get in touch with you to obtain your custom design, height & weight.

Boards will take approximately 8-12 weeks to arrive.

For further enquiries, contact us at