Mission Skim Style Wakesurf Boards


ALPHA is a true, all-around ripper that’s perfect for both skilled surfers and anyone looking to take their riding to the next level. Its relaxed, skim-style shape straightens out the rails and delivers more contact with the wave surface to give you more grip, drive, and speed to set up your next trick.

ALPHA features:

  • Perfect for surfers at every skill level
  • Comes with 1″x7” and 2″x7” fins to dial in your riding style
  • Unique rail setup for more traction at the nose, more control at the tail
  • Carbon fiber top deck and rails, glass bottom


CHARLIE is a skim-style wakesurfing board designed to help beginners get up fast and have fun on the water thanks to a thin, light design that’s easier to control and provides a large surface area for more stability and comfort.

CHARLIE features:

  • Perfect for new and casual surfers
  • 2” fin for extra stability
  • Textured footpad for grip
  • Seven-layer bamboo construction


KAPPA is a classic, skim-style wakesurf board that serves up endless smiles every time you hit the water. It’s a great option for fast-growing kids and adults looking to expand their skill set. With a thin design, long body, and hard rails that deliver speed and control, you’ll be commanding the wake and throwing down tricks at will.

KAPPA features:

  • Perfect for intermediate riders and tricks
  • 1” super-skim fin for tracking and spins
  • Full-length footpad for more ways to grip
  • Compression-molded glass construction

For sizing enquiries, contact us at info@wakemusters.com.